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Site Search Engine
You will find this search engine to be a multi-faceted
search engine and easy to use. When you see the properties on-line, 'if' there are photos, you will see them. They are displayed as a thumbnail in your search results and full size on each listing page.

Easy Search vs. Pro Search
Using the "Easy Search" option (default) gives you the basic search criteria options to help you find the maximum number of properties. If you're familiar with property searching or would like to use additional criteria not available on the "Easy Searches", you can switch to "Pro Search" by clicking the grey "Use Pro Search" button. Then switching back to the "Easy Search" is as easy as clicking the "Use Easy Search" button.

What to Expect
1.) Listings will always be displayed in ascending order by price... (low to high).
2.) The search results page will provide all current active listings in the Naples / Bonita area listed on the Naples MLS system.
3. ) Does your budget not provide for a beach front residence? Golf or Tennis is of no interest? Use the "Search Anywhere" search engine and select your pricing options.
4. ) You're always welcome to give us a call for personalized service if it is more convenient for you.

5.) "Property Basket" - When you find a property of interest to you, you can place that property or multiple properties in your "Property Basket" and forward it directly to us. Then, we can then send you complete MLS data on all of the homes you have chosen.
6.) We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the material. If there is a photo (or photos), it is because the listing agent provided that material. If no photographic information is shown, either the data is too new and the listing agent hasn't had time to provide the photo(s) to the system or, for whatever reason, the listing agent chose not to include visual information. The same applies to Virtual Tours. When viewing map locations, keep in mind that the map locations are only accurate if the listing agent has taken the time to make it accurate. If you are disappointed that more data is not provided, please understand that the amount of information provided is a huge advance in our abilities to provide you with data specific to a particular property.

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