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Types of Residential Homes and Descriptions

The following descriptions are very basic. The closer to the beach, the higher the price. That is one common denominator. A second common denominator is if the residence is on some time of water (major big time on the beach or inner bay with gulf access), or on a golf course, the price is affected. Your basic cost per square foot will be lower for a condo type residence than a villa or single family … all things being equal. It has to do with density … number of residential units per acre, as an example.

It is important to be aware that the search engines will typically show only resales. Residential types in major planned communities 'to be constructed' are not typically found in the MLS data base. The Builder / Developers expect the SMART BUYER to come in to their sales offices with their Buyer's Agent to learn about what is available in new construction in their communities. It is absolutely key to understand that they represent the Seller.

Photo Residential Type Description
Low Rise Condo 1 to 3 floors. Generally any building having more than 2 floor will have an elevator Can also be called a garden, carriage or coach home. Carriage or Coach Homes will have a 1 - 2 car attached or detached garage but the terms (Carriage or Coach) are interchangeable depending on to whom you are talking.
Mid-Rise Condo 4 - 7 floors.
High-Rise Condo 7 or more floors. Found only on the beach.
Attached Villa No upstairs neighbor but share a common wall. Typically a 1 - 2 car garage. Typically a duplex on a zero lot line which means a 10ft. separation between units. An attached villa will be on a zero lot line.
Detached Villa No Upstairs neighbor and no common wall. 2 car garage
Single Family Stand alone single family residence and, if on a larger lot, maybe called an estate home.

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